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across the northeast as residents try to get their lives back to normal but it will take days to recover from the massive blizzard. >> it's horrible. when you shovel the driveway, the plows come and put the snow back on to the driveway. >> reporter: utility crews are working around the clock to restore power to thousands left in the dark and cold. clearing snow-filled roads has been a painstaking task. an army of snow trucks worked on the long island expressway, one of new york's busiest after close to 3 feet of the snow. at the height of the storm some drivers had to abandon their cars. others spent the night on the roadway. >> i got through the night starting the car every 40 minutes, getting some heat. >> reporter: driving bans put in place across the region during the storm have been lift bud for many it doesn't matter. snow has buried cars. >> what aim going through at this moment is like hell. i work in brooklyn and i had to call in a couple days now to let them know i cannot come to work. the snow is like a mountain. >> reporter: hard hit boston school is closed today.
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>> we opened several community centers for kids to go to and their parents. >> reporter: northeast airports are operating close to normal schedules. over 5,000 flights were canceled at the height of the storm. the monster blizzard which brought some of the highest snow consume layings ever recorded is blamed for at least 15 deaths in the northeast and canada but the governor of massachusetts says it could have been so much worse. >> considering the severity of the storm, the amount of snow and the wind, we've come through this pretty well. >> reporter: today's forecast calls for warmer temperatures and rain but there's a new worry. some roofs already filled with snow may not be able to with stand the extra wait. we are off to a rainy start. there's also quite a bit of fog out there this morning so you will want to use the low beams. if you are traveling on 83, here's a live will in hunt valley. no problems whatsoever getting down to the beltway. if you're headed out to 95, this is what it looks like at white marsh at route 43. we have an accident just reported along the southbound
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lanes in downtown baltimore. as we take a look at the abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, no problems what sofer on the beltway. a -- whatsoever on the beltway. a normal drive from 95 to 83. the west side nice and clear. going to take you just 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your morning commute. megan and charlie over you to. a lot going on in politics. mayor stephanie rollins blake and governor o'malley are hosting baltimore day in annapolis. >> mayor is also delivering her state of the city address this afternoon. with the bad financial forecast on the horizon, now many people are anxious to hear about any possible solutions. >> shari johnson has a preview -- sherrie johnson joins us. >> reporter: the mayor is expected to talk a little bit about averting a $745 million budget shortfall over the next ten years. she mentioned this last week. she basically announced baltimore city is headed for
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bankruptcy if it doesn't make the necessary reforms to avoid it. this comes from a ten-year financial forecast from mayor blake which was gathered from an outside consulting firm. the report projects a $745 million deficit over the next decade because expenditures are growing faster than revenue, especially in areas of employee health care and pension costs. add on another billion dollar infrastructure deficit over the next decade and that's to maintain roads, bridges and city buildings at levels far short of the current state of repair. it does not include schools and the mayor plans to discuss solutions today. she plans to propose a bold set of major reforms to address the fiscal challenges outlined in the ten-year forecast. the state of the city address will happen right here at city hall at 2:30 this afternoon. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. president barack obama is also getting ready for his address. tomorrow the president will give his state of the union
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remarks. he's expected to talk about job crairks immigration reform and reducing -- job creation, immigration reform and reducing gun violence. he'll talk about old and new policies aimed at helping the middle class. you can follow any updates on the state of the union on our twitter page along with breaking news. just search for abc2 news. maryland's former first lady wants the top job in anne arundel county. linda so is here to tell us about kendel ehrlich's plans to run. >> reporter: she wants to be the leading county in anne arundel county. she plans to figure out this week if she has the support of at least four council members. that's what she needs to win the seat. the deadline to apply for the position is this friday. the mere fact she's a woman, she says, sets her apart. she wants to replace leopold who resigned after being found of misconduct in office earlier month. he also faces several civil lawsuits from women who alleged
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they were mistreated and discriminated against while in office. ehrlich wants to restore dignity to anne arundel county for the rest of the term but has no intentions to run for a full term in 2014. >> i just think it's significant that i'm a woman. after many things that we've read about the prior administration, i think women in the county would just breathe a big -- it would be a big breath of fresh air. >> reporter: several other candidates have expressed interest in the position, including former senate candidate dan bongino, jerry walker, jon grasso and cathy vitale. if you are heading to bwi this morning, you can expect some minor delays in light rail service. a shuttle bus flipped over on sunday morning at aviation boulevard and terminal road. two people suffered minor injuries and they were taken to a local hospital. the overturned bus hit a pole holding overhead wires that
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power that light rail. the service was out for most of the day in the area of the crash. a suppose penn says there's some minor repair work that still needs to be done. travelers heading to bwi will have to deal with delays for flights anywhere to the northeast. but a bus overturned near bwi this morning hitting a pole holding overhead wires. megan just read you this story. we'll move on. five people are dead after a lifeboat they were on fell during a cruise ship. they were taking part in a routine drill on topson majesty -- thompson majesty while docked in the canary islands. the thompson majesty cruises the red sea. the incident remains under investigation. once again five people are confirmed dead. 5:36 now. the winter weather has been challenging for everybody involved. we'll show you this because
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utility workers and know plows are trying to help parts -- snowplows are trying to help parts of new england to bounce back after this weekend's storm. this was the scene yesterday after hundreds of cars and trucks were stuck on the long island expressway. that's the long island expressway. heavy duty construction trucks worked to clear the hard packed snow off of the roadway. they're trying to get the highway clear for the morning commute which is usually treacherous when weather isn't an issue. so just imagine what it's going to be like today. >> it's fit for neither man nor beast. the snow did not prevent one farmer from giving his flock some exercise. it took him a number of hours to make a path through three feet of snow for his icelandic sheep. he used a mini snow blower so
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the sheep get their daily walk in. >> i feel like i need to say this on the record right now. i said i want snow. >> not like that. >> i don't want that. >> we don't want three feet of snow. we just want maybe a couple of inches. >> you guys are impossible. >> it's hard to please us. >> it's like burger king. we want it our way right away. no snow today. just getting the rain. we're not dealing with temperatures that are cold enough outside. >> we don't want that either. >> make sure you have the rain gear as you step out and about. dealing with patchy fog this morning. let me show you the bigger view because we will get a break in the action but back across the west, we still will have a few showers or a little bit of drizzle still making its way in here as we go through the afternoon. so be prepared. not that much sunshine. with the rain we've already seen, well, close to about a quarter in baltimore. close to two-tenths of an inch in annapolis. we're almost at two-tenths in pilesville and manchester this morning. as we look at the kids going to school, yes, you want to bundle them up but also want to give
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them that rain gear. as we go throughout the day, temperatures will warm up nicely coming in at 55 degrees. that's well above average but it's also going to be breezy. let's get a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we do have several accidents. we have a crash on 95 in the southbound lanes. it's just been moved to the shoulder. not causing many delays but we do have a new dozens on 695 at the inner loop. the outer loop will be nice and clear from parkville all the way up. as we check in and take a live look at 83, north of 695, you'll notice traffic is mosque right along. -- moving right along. you do want to prepare yourself for slick conditions but no delays as you head downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. over to you. >> all right. you're growing to have -- get ready to pay more if you fill up on your gas. >> gas prices jumped nearly a quarter the past few weeks. aaa says the average for a
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gallon of unledded is about $3.- - unladied is about $3.69 [ inaudible ] if you're in the market for new appliances, the state of maryland wants you to pay attention. >> they want to help you out. >> a tax break coming up this weekend. a chance to go green and buy energy efficient products. >> also ahead, a bird on the loose steals the show at a hockey game. we'll show you how this condor was finally wrangled.
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peter franchot announcing a tax break on some energy star products. it's promotion for tax free weekend coming up this weekend. details will be unveiled at 12:30 this afternoon in pikesville. a list of products is already available on the comptroller's website. you're eligible for a tax break beginning at one minute after midnight on saturday and wrapping up at midnight on monday. a popular bourbon is now a little less boozey. maker's mart is watering down the liquor to meet rising demand. it used to be 45% alcohol by
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volume. now the company says 42% alcohol by volume is what it will be. consumers have complained about the change on social media. but the company insists the bourbon tastes exactly the same. five things to know for you on this monday morning. the maryland network against domestic violence is holding a memorial service in annapolis. it will remember men, women and children who died as a result of domestic violence. it runs tonight from 7:00 to 8:00. vice president joe bide listen hold a round table discussion on gun safety today. the vice president will travel to philadelphia where he's scheduled to meet with law enforcement officials. president barack obama will awarped the medal of honor to -- award the medel of honor to a form -- [indiscernible] also today, we are going to find out how many shark attacks took place in 2012. the new report is released every year by the university of florida. last year there were 47 shark attacks in the united states. one year ago today the
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queen of pop passed away. whitney houston died unexpectedly at a beverly hills hotel room at the age of 48. her death was ruled an accidental drowning. music executive clyde davis paid tribute to the star. her death came just hours before last year's grammy award show. >> last night stars once again took over hollywood for the 55th annual ceremonial. the music industry celebrated its own with a night of powerful performances. take yore swift -- taylor swift opened the show. justin timberlake returned to the grammy stage after a four-year hiatus performing his new single suit and tie. fun went on to win song of the year for their hit we are young and the best new artist for the year too. >> album of the year went to mumford&sons. black keys took home the award for the best rom album.
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a slippery situation before a game. this guy had all sorts of problems with the mascot. queen victoria the condor went slipping and sliding. it eents went to the bench -- even went to the bench and got too close to the players. the lady singing the national anthem, she didn't skip a beat. by the way, the condor is amongst the largest birds in the world. it can what i up to 33 pounds. she sure is gorgeous but she's trouble. >> okay. here's a moment in our show where we like to talk about how we like to spend our commercial breaks. you can maybe see what we do when we're not on camera. lynette-- >> this is -- is it one of those what happens in vegas? >> no, lynette cannot not laugh when she sees someone fall. as long as they're okay. >> there is something funny about it. >> as long as they're not hurt,
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it's funny. >> that video certainly was. >> that was funny. we're going to talk about the fact that you do need rain gear this morning, guys. it's wet outside. carry the umbrella and give yourself a lot of time on the roadways this morning because we're also dealing with some fog out there. we do have reduced visibility. and we're going to get a little bit of a break in the action but still the possibility for a little bit of drizzle behind this big batch of rain that's moving through this morning. we will start to see a change in the forecast. i have that in the seven-day but for right now, this is what we're expect be at the surface for today. we do have some warmer air moving in. with that we will have those temperatures soaring up to the mid-50s throughout the day. we are going to wait for this cold front to move through as we go through the afternoon. that will drop temperatures down a bit, but for right now, we're at 34 degrees in westminster. 33 towson. annapolis coming in at 37. centreville coming in at 40 degrees right now. and 42 in easton. bucktown at 43. as you head out the door, yes, you do need the heavy coat
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because we still are cold, although temperatures are not as cold as they could be or  should be for this time of the year. we look at abc2's most accurate future trend right now. we can see the wet weather still continuing around the 8:00 hour. it's still not that far west. it will be far to the east but still lingering across the area. we will get a break in the action as we go into tomorrow. so high pressure will build in briefly and then we'll start to see a new system try to work its way in here. you can see it to the south right now. most of the models have been keeping it that way. i'm thinking that it will stay away from us but there is still the potential for maybe a rain- snow mix. i'll keep that in the forecast for today. as we go through your planner, this is what it looks like. we have fog, showers, we have the winds kicking up out of the southwest as we go into the afternoon. we have the mild temperatures by 3:00 coming in at 55 degrees when we should be in the 40s now. we'll be more seasonable as we head into tuesday and also wednesday. we'll have a next chance for another storm as we go interest the weekend unfortunately burr looks like this one could be
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all snow. let's get a check of the abc2 traffic with lauren cook. we are off to a hectic commute. we're dealing with several accidents in addition to all of the rain and fog. we do have a crash on 95. it's right on the southbound lanes just moved to the shoulder. for those of you heading to 695, we do have another accident that's blocking one lane of the inner loop. fortunately not causing too many delays as you make the push from 83 all the way down to 95. here's a live look. the roads are really wet so you will want to take it slow. no delays on the outer loop right now from 95 up to 83. s that stretch will take you just 11 minutes. as we check in and take a look the at other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, the west side will be free of delays. 8 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and 795 also going to be clear. it's going to take you 10 minutes traveling southbound from westminster pike down to the beltway. that's a look at your morning commute. over to you. time for the dogs to get
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all that spotlight and attention. >> center stage. the annual westminster dog show is under way in new york city. we'll take a look at those briefeds vying for the coveted title of best in show.
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some high profile pooches are taking over manhattan today. >> they're all in the big apple for the westminster kennel club dog show. >> people love this and you can see why. 2700 dogs in all will compete for best in show. their day may start off at the gym with a little exercise and maybe even dog yoga. >> really? >> i'm not kidding. then it's off to the spa for a bath, haircut and manicure. they're high maintenance dogs. some of these dogs get treated better than their owners. >> my job is to greet the two and four-legged guests that come into the show. hand out cookies and deal with visits from the paparazzi. >> this year there will be two new breeds, the tree walker cane hound and park russell terriers sure to make a big
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slash. coming up this morning, a 9- year-old girl we can all learn something from. >> great story coming up for you. she lost everything but turned tragedy into inspiration for other families. this story you do not want to miss. >> also ahead this morning, took the money shot and won. how much money this clumsy 9- year-old boy took home. we have the details straight ahead. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot...
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